New videos & the learning curve

Decided to learn about video making so we can put together YouTube videos for the new album and the old set of songs re-done with just Jascha and me.

So once again we are experimenting on you, the unsuspecting….so far i am having fun figuring out how to combine visuals with audio.  but the learning curve is big, but doable with the Adobe programs

So here is the links to our You Tube channel and we will be adding new videos over the next month

J Shogren Shanghai’d

and here is the link to the first new song Works (albeit it is a one picture video as for now)

Barrow–the top of the world

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3-1

Last week we went to Barrow to learn about market and non-market exchange at the top of the world. The economics of Barrow AK is as complex as it gets–Inupuits, tribal courts, polar bears, state run education, 4 year private native college, bowhead whales, non-profit tribal corporations, snow foxes, oil, Alaskan Native Corporations, seal skin boats, US Navy, jawbones, Coast Guard, tundra, snow owls, honey pots, whale captains, pipelines, geese, an Olympic swimming pool, a recently burnt down Mexican restaurant, $330/night hotel, and a blue football field bought by a lady from Miami.

We did not even come close to scratching the surface.