Conversable Economist–Timothy Taylor


Conversable Economist

Economics will bore you speechless, if you let it.   But you don’t have to let it be so.  and you do not have make it be silly to be interesting either (a la Freakanomics and its clones).  

Economics sheds light on many aspects of the organization of social life.  Having a good understanding why institutions like markets and exchange matter can help you make more informed public decisions.  

With that introduction, folks who areinterested in or are curious about what economics has to say about modern life, check out the blog by Timothy Taylor, one of my favorite writers out there in the world today.   Tim can explain any concept in economics to anyone.

I worked with Tim once.  He was the editor on a paper I wrote with G Brown about the endangered species act.  His editing of my writing was eye-opening. When he was done, I understood what I was trying to say 10 times better than when I first wrote it.   I realized how far I still had to go as a communicator.

T Taylor gets it.


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