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J Shogren here.


J Shogren Shanghai’d

Catawumpus American Music 2014

J Shogren and his long time collaborator multi-instrumentalist Jascha Herdt play hard acoustic music from lives lived in loud proportions. Their style of pulp americana is a modern interpretation of traditional music: an amalgamation of roots, popular, blues, old timey, folk, country/western, jazz, vaudeville, rockabilly, ballads, and polka. Their varied sound has a raw vitality reminiscent of old dancehall music filtered through a contemporary dissonant transmitter.

J Jascha at Buck 2014  Jascha 2014 ShogSnowyRange Photos by Susan Moldenhauer and Leah Millis, Star-Tribune

“J Shogren bears the same approximate relationship to traditional music that the latter Bob Dylan does, namely as the major point of reference, not quite the thing itself…Like Dylan, Shogren is an intellectual dealing in pop music. He’s funny, but the jokes are wry and subtle, drawn from a wide range of high and low cultural references….Like traditional music itself, Shogren’s songs occupy their own other world.” J Clark (US)  http://www.rambles.net/shogren_bird10.html

“Brilliant storyteller from Wyoming. Hard Boiled, sometimes dark humorous stories delivered with a voice that clearly have lived through them.” Lennart Persson (SWE) Rootsy

We are working on the 5th cd of music…the other 4 cds are all on spotify, itunes, amazon.

J Shogren Shanghai’d represented Wyoming in Memphis at the International Blues Challenge in 2013 (we were the only musician of the 1000s on Beale Street, however, with a mandolin).

Here is a soundcloud playlist:


Around these Rocky Mountain parts, I have played with the WYOmericana Caravan, Snowy Range Festival, WYO Theatre, Gryphon Theatre, Centennial Uptown Breakdown, Pengilly’s in Boise, Avogadro’s Number, Hodi’s Half-Note, Steve’s Guitars, Live at the Denison Ranch, Nowoodstock Festival, Big West Arts Festival, Underground Music Showcase in Denver, Carriage House, Ruts Festival, WHAT Fest, the Wort, the Pink Garter, and more. We have played Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Canada,

Facebook page:



YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSSv7PXLv4E&list=PLV7URyNWkxeAl9utZSG3xM9A1jWiHy8U4&index=1

Ditty TV:   http://www.dittytv.com/people-directory/artist-j-shogren.html
Holding tank video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4XGz017-Cg

Recent news stories:

Casper Star Tribune:


NY Times:


Three reviews on the last cds by Jerome Clark—a fellow who understands my music the best:

American Holly:  http://www.rambles.net/shogren_holly08.html

Bird Bones & Muscle: http://www.rambles.net/shogren_bird10.html

God Bless these Crooked Little Songs: http://www.rambles.net/shogren_god13.html




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