Prof Scott Goldsmith on the The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend

Prof Scott Goldsmith on the The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend

WY and Alaska have a lot in common–both are isolated energy colonies, and both have created a permanent trust fund based on energy extraction.   Alaska has 10 times the money in its fund as Wyoming (the Norwegians have 100 times the money in its fund as WY).     this is a great survey by the guy who knows the economics of this program the best–Scott Goldsmith.  here is his take on the pros and cons of sending a dividend check to each and every citizen in Alaska.  

I got to meet him yesterday in his office.    WY needs to think seriously about increasing the funds we put in our fund…and we need to think seriously about a state income tax (as does Alaska) for when the energy starts to run down.   We cannot depend or rely on the kindness of strangers to pay our state bills forever. 

John Haines–Alaskan poet

John Haines
Fairbanks Under the Solstice
J Haines
Slowly, without sun, the day sinks
toward the close of December.
It is minus sixty degrees.
Over the sleeping houses a dense
fog rises—smoke from banked fires,
and the snowy breath of an abyss
through which the cold town
is perceptibly falling.
As if Death were a voice made visible,
with the power of illumination…
Now, in the white shadow
of those streets, ghostly newsboys
make their rounds, delivering
to the homes of those
who have died of the frost
word of the resurrection of Silence.