Nature: North America’s Broken Heart


a billion years ago, No. America started to split up, creating a 3000km crack — right under the land where I grew up near Duluth around Lake Superior.   But then the process stopped and no ocean emerged through this crack.   but the rift created between 1-2 million cubic kilometres of basalt, which is what you see driving around Duluth.   wild

This story in Nature is amazing.  science is cool.


Craig Asp–Taking Time. Lover’s Lane

Craig was from Esko Minnesota.   He played in his band Rodeo with Cal Wirtz, Marty Moehn, and Ronnie Johnson.

They were great friends and they nailed the MN version of Eagles-style rock and rock.   a fantastic band.

Taking Time was his one and only album, and i was so happy that he recorded my song Lover’s Lane.

This was from 1980.

Craig died several years ago.

there are more of Craig’s songs out there now on YouTube, thanks to a mysterious person who thankfully posted his album song by song