How to make filmjölk

filmjölk is my favorite all-time breakfast.

Every  I leave Sweden I ask myself why is there no filmjölk in the USA.

there is…you just have to make it your self

UPDATE–Sven-Olov says Whole Foods does sell fil.   Ok, so now I have another reason to go to FoCo

thanks S-O!

Filmjölk i USA

Filmjölk i USA

Johan Bergmark, Savant


JohanBergmark J Okt 2013 Soder

i could not not help myself but to post this photo from today.

it is take by a friend in Stockholm, who just happens to be a genius—Johan Bergmark.

have a look at:

(how did he get Charlotte Rampling and Anton Corbijn to agree to these shots?)

Johan took the cover shot of American Holly back 5-6 years ago, after Linda contacted him and she agreed to no family portrait crap.


the photographic process looks so easy to an outsider.  but of course it seems easy when you work with a man who is at top of his profession.

he lined me up against the concrete wall, twisted me slightly, and in a few short minutes, done.   brilliant.