Just when you think it could not get more fun at UWyoming

Just when you think it could not get more fun at UWyoming

University of Wyoming Old Main


Prof Jeff Lockwood’s take on the Trustees and conflict of interest.   it is an excellent evaluation of what a conflict of interest means and what it means in this context.




Saturday 6pm–Ten Minute Play Festival (@ UWYO)

king beard norway
Dear fine friends of the Fine Arts (& Sciences)

this Saturday over in the Fine Arts Studio starting early–6pm–there will be a Ten Minute Play Festival.

Facts to consider:

1. Student directed

2. Many are written by the students

3. 9 Ten Minute plays

4. FREE, with suggested donation of $5, if you are able and willing to pay

5.  I am The Dad in The Visitor, written by Amy Hollon and directed by Anne Mason.

6.  This is my first time back doing a play since K2, which as the director Natalie D noted…nearly did me in.

7.   I have no clue what the other plays are so this should be exciting.

Here is the FB event invitation