WYOmericana Tour 2014–Helping spread the Word



WYOmericana 2014



Last year we had a great 4 week WYOmericana caravan tour in May, traveling around the Rocky Mtns with Jalan Crossland (Ten Sleep) and Screen Door Porch (Jackson).   4000+ miles, exploring new rivers, mountains, towns.  Great folks

We are now gearing up for May/June 2014.    We are going for another 16-20 shows in WY/MT/CO/ID/SD/NE.

We have nearly settled in on the line-up, more information shortly.

It was a blast last year, as we broke about even.   but non-market benefits for me > market costs.

check out last year, and new updates at  http://www.Wyomerica.com

grease up the wheels